In the last post, I talked about how you can take better pictures of food using your phone. And I am overwhelmed with the response I got, so grateful of everyone who took the effort to come here and read, even if its half.
As I have to admit that was pretty long. 😂
Let’s try to keep this one a bit short but still full of information that helps you.

I know many of you use chart papers, towels, or just dark boards with a weird texture, and its fine at the beginning because I have used them, but you gotta change after some time and that’s why I am here, to help you figure out your backdrop dilemma. these pictures are taken on a white apron and black chart papers.



Backdrops can be very costly and not all of us could afford to put that much money while starting out, not me. If you can buy one then that’s great go ahead but not all of us know what to buy while starting out. So what can you do?

There are three things you can do

  • Find a backdrop
  • Paint a backdrop
  • Buy a vinyl backdrop


Find a backdrop

By this I mean, search for an old wooden table or a white marble slab, in or around your house, maybe it’s your coffee table or one old wooden table covered with a cloth. my white backdrop that you see in all these images is actually a red wooden table which I painted white. If this was more of a brown color I wouldn’t need to paint it. So you can also find backdrops.


Paint a Backdrop

Not all of us can find a wooden backdrop or marble slab, or even if you do maybe it won’t be the right color. So what do you do?

Things you require to paint backdrops

  • Paints
  • Paintbrush/ sponge / Paint Roller
  • MDF Boards – These are the best type of boards you can find for painting  backdrops and these are available at MDF


    There are two types –

Oil paints – which you will find in every paint shop. Buy the tester pots which would come in about 120ml. In India, its tough to find matte paints and only paints are available which are highly reflective. So what you can do is use Rust-oleum matte. 

Or Acrylic paints – using acrylic paint won’t require any type of matte spray as it is very less reflective. But there would be less texture.
Availability – you can check your stationary shops but I suggest buy them online Acrylic gel paint.
backdrops – buy a dark and light color of that specific color, white being your base color in light backgrounds and black in dark backgrounds. Paint the backdrops however you like, bring out the painter in you.



I have just started using vinyl backdrops, and I am very happy with the results so far, obviously, it’s not a real marble but its very handy and also requires less space. Stick it to any wooden surface and you are ready to go. I have stuck it on my MDF board.

Here’s the link to the marble wallpaper as the smaller size of this wallpaper is out of stock. this is a large one. Also here’s the link to a lot of vinyl surfaces on eBay, vinyl wallpaper.



I would also like to talk about other surfaces which can be used as temporary surfaces or just when you don’t have the right backdrop that goes well with your dish. things like baking paper, brown paper or chopping boards, cookie trays, etc.

Here’s a tip:

If you want to give your cookie tray or muffin tray a vintage look you can apply a thin layer of olive oil and bake them at 400°C or 40 mins, to get the yellowish brown tint.






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