Easy strawberry no-bake tarts

Tarts are one of my favorite desserts and I have made a few of them over time. But these by far are my favorites and also the easiest, strawberries and cream can’t get any better!! So, these tarts were nowhere in my list of recipes that I decided to make this winter. Heres what happened that led to these yummy tarts and this post.

I regularly visit Newmarket (oldest and the best wholesale market in Kolkata) you can literally find anything and everything you want from baking tools to exotic fruits and vegetables.etc. This time I was in the hunt for figs, which the fruit seller told me isn’t in season and would come by end of the year, but right there I saw a box of strawberries and I had to grab a box of them even though I knew they are gonna be sour. When I returned home opened my backpack, took out other stuff and saw my strawberries which were squashed, most of them. and I went like noo!! and the recipe that came to mind was strawberry and thyme jam. 


  • Oreos  – two packets
  • Butter (melted) – 50g or 1/4thcup
  • whipping cream  – 150ml/g or 1/2cup+1tbsp
  • Strawberry and thyme jam – 2tbsp
  • sugar  – 50g or1/4thcup

Lets get started!!

 For the base you would need oreos, melted butter and some small tart moulds. 

Grind all the cookies in a food processor and pour in the melted butter. And give it a mix. if you don’t have a food processor use a mixer grinder put them in batches in a small jar. 

Using your fingers or any flat bottom container press the mixture inside the tart mold and the sides. make sure every part of tin is covered with Oreos.  and freeze (freezer) them for 30mins.

I don’t have small loose bottom tart molds, so I was a bit skeptical of the tart not coming out in its whole shape while using the regular mould. But it came out just right. You just gotta turn the mould upside down tap on the flat surface and try to squeeze the mould so that it comes out without breaking apart.

Now comes the best part, whipping cream with strawberry and thyme jam. I used 150ml /grams chilled whipping cream and strawberry jam. Now there is already sugar present in this cream if you are using heavy cream or any other cream add 1/4th cup sugar while whipping cream.  

You can use any jam you like!!

It took me 5-7mins to whip this cream, add the strawberry jam little by little once you see your cream is quite thickened up. also, you can’t resist yourself from licking the cream again and again.😜 then you transfer the cream inside the piping bag. And pipe it into the moulds. 

Freeze them in the fridge for about an hour or just have them right away, I prefer the latter!!

Do try this easy recipe and tell me how they turned out.

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